# self-supervised learning

Self-Supervised Learning - Part 3: The idea of Amdim and comparison with two other contrastive learning approaches

Amdim, CPC, Deep Infomax


Self-Supervised Learning - Part 2: From Entropy to Augmented Multiscale Deep InfoMax

DeepInfoMax and Amdim are two self-supervised models that are very popular in recent times. They are constructed based on the idea of the InfoMax principle. Therefore, to fully understand these two models, we must first know about the underlying basis of the InfoMax principle which includes entropy, mutual information, their properties, and relations.


Self-Supervised Learning - Part 1: Simple and intuitive introduction for beginners

> _In the speech at AAAI 2020, Yann LeCun described Self-supervised learning as "The machine predicts any parts of its input for any observed part"._