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AI and Neuroscience - Part 2: Researches in AI can absorb knowledge from neuroscience

In this second part of "AI and neuroscience", we will tell about some aspects of the human brain on which Deep learning (DL) has already been based on and more importantly, some that have not been adapted to Deep learning (DL) yet. This post is mostly formed on the paper [1].


AI and Neuroscience - Part 1: Their relation

Artificial intelligence and neuroscience have a very close relationship. Knowledge from neuroscience can be utilized for improving AI and it is also true in reverse.


Explanation in AI and Social Sciences

Knowing what an AI model will do and why it does that is very important for researchers to evaluate and improve that model. There is even a research domain for it, which is Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). The existence of this field will help to solve current AI problems of ethical concerns and a lack of credibility from users. To acknowledge this, the AI field had better gain knowledge from philosophy, psychology and, cognitive science of how humans define and evaluate explanations. The content of this post is based on [1].